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Question Image How do I remove inventory Back to Top


How to order your post removal online.

Go to My AccountMy In-Use Inventory, leave text box blank or type in house number only. Click Find.

Find the address and click the blue Action button on the right.

After clicking the Action button you will see a pop up box called Inventory Actions.

In that box you will see Removal Options and Renewal Options.

If you have more than one inventory item the option may say Remove/Renew one post or it may say Remove/Renew all posts.

Click on the option that meets your needs and complete the order.

Remember you order is not complete until click the submit button and you see the Congratulations! screen.

Question Image I need to cancel my order, how do I do that? Back to Top

In the menu, you go to My Account > My Dashboard. There you will see a list of your most recent orders. Click the red X to cancel an order.

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