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Post Placement

It is recommended that either the property owner or Real Estate Agent contact the city to verify locations of utility lines prior to installation or place a BC One call. It is further recommended that the customer or property owner place markers to indicate the best location for post installation, and that instruction be included in the service request.

We recommend using markers such as: - Stake - Flag - Brick - Rock.   In the absence of markers and/or written instructions, Mr Service installers will use their best judgment for the placement of the post. If markers or written instructions were not placed at the time of order and the homeowner or realtor is unhappy with the post placement or installation, there will be a charge for Mr Service to return to the location and re-install the post.

 In the event of damage to utilities, Mr Service does not accept liability, and should any charges or demands to move the post result, those fees will be passed on to the customer.

In the event of sprinkler line damage, Mr Service will repair the damage at the time of install. If the damage is immediately observed by the installer, the repair will be made on the spot. If the damage is reported within 72 hours, an installer will return to the address to make repairs.


 Mr Service does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if the customer or property owner requests repair by anyone not employed by Mr Service.

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