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Lost or Missing Posts

As with any rental or lease agreement there is a charge for missing or damaged product. Mr. Service will make every effort to recover and/or salvage posts, but unfortunately posts do get stolen or removed from listings from time to time and do not come back into our inventory.

Mr. Service must replace these items in our inventory.  When you rent our posts you agree to assume full responsibility for all rental equipment and agree to compensate Mr. Service for any and all equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

If Mr. Service does not see their post on a property where they are charging a monthly rental fee, we will assume the post has been destroyed and will charge the agent the lost/stolen post fee.  Subsequently, if we see one of our posts installed at an address that we do not have on record in our system, we will assume this post has been stolen and we reserve the right to remove the post and return it to our warehouse. 

Our posts are branded with SPU branding iron and are not for sale to realty agents. In the event a post is misplaced or stolen and is charged to the agent, the post remains the property of Mr. Service and we reserve the right to reclaim the post into our inventory if/when it is found.

If the agent finds the post and returns it in good condition to Mr. Service the lost/stolen fee will be refunded to the agent, however, our regular monthly rental fee will be in effect for the period of time the post was mis-placed.




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